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Dont know why im downvoted either considering I actually work

  • Dont know why im downvoted either considering I actually work together with the NFL broadcasting team and have the numbers at my desk. There also wasn't anything in your very first remark that hinted that you'd"inside" knowledge. You are probably being downvoted by men and women who have watched preseason. Educated opinions do not really work on reddit. I've learned to Madden 21 coins stop commenting on matters involving my area of work since some snarky adolescent who has no idea what they're talking about is going to be upvoted by the hivemind who also has no idea what they are talking about.

    "nobody watches the preseason" is a completely meaningless comment. People who say they are likely to boycott are usually individuals who never had any motive to purchase in the first location. Yep. Additionally, the majority of the time people that are current with the latest gaming controversies aren't just sports lovers, which is obviously the biggest playerbase of sports games. I believe a good deal of people forget about it. For a lot of madden 2k etc. buyers that's gonna be 1 of maybe 4 of 5 matches they buy that year they do not care for any controversy. Hell as a massive basketball and video game fan I know 2k is fucking me over but I love basketball and play with 2k religiously and with friends why do I not buy it lol.

    Probably particularly true for people who need to announce their goals really loudly. Like the people who dramatically declare they are leaving a forum. Same with the most recent versions of 2K. I am like half and half. If a get a craving to play Madden I shall just spend $5 or $15 dollars to EA Perform and after a month I will be carried out. I wonder whether there are people like me and where they fall into those sales figures. EA decided they'd rather we give them the money directly rather than spend it buying a secondhand game which they receive no money from.

    But as far as if we factor in, we don't. If we are prepared to buy mut coins madden 21 wait 6-months to play the new Madden after the actual season is over we're not the consumer they're after. I said I'd boycott, and that I did. TBF tho I have 20 and'm more than happy updating to habit rosters. But the internet said do not buy it. Yet for 15 decades of no competition and fair incremental improvements, the game still sells, plus they create even more off MUT now than they do off of merely selling the game. Much of the Madden audience are individuals who play sports games like it and NBA2k religiously. They buy like clockwork every year because they obsess over them. Just because people do not play the names r/games loves doesn't mean they are lesser.