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Okay well I been playing and I moved to Bh a little

  • Other issue is, is there some were we could find out whatever the limitation for each item? I got equipment for 1k air battle staffs not such a major deal involving zaff, ge and a bit of OSRS gold patience ill end up getting the staffs I need but it would be wonderful to understand b4 ****, no need to have 2.7k cosmics and 2.7 molten glass / unpowered orbs sitting in my bank for a week.

    Okay well I been playing and I moved to Bh a little while ago got owned by lvl 97 rofl, had nothing really on me anyways my Cousin wishes to playwith, the game he doesn't need to find any skills besides cb stats, and I dont know about that bounty as you can tell I got possessed, he'll be starting off a new account because he hasnt got one yet, what stats will be helpful? To go in reduced level crater? if he reach a fantastic Bh player I may even do it Thinks it will work... He made his accounts but has not did anything about it, and he cant use the discussion because he staying at my home for the summer will reveal same ip address... but his name is"X madgame X". Thank you for the ones that help! What do you guys suggest I afk train on? Also please put in the location of this location indicated monsters are in.

    AFK coaching is basically well... against RS rules... I mean, if its done in mind that RS does not log you out, and your not having a schedule to do it, thats ok I suppose because all your doing is snapping and leaving the computer. However, like, using programs to train while you are away from your keyboard... yeah thats against runescape rules. DONT do this. And FYI, in case your thinking of the method I explained where you simply click and leave the computer keyboard for a little, theres no point in that. The increment of time you can leave the keyboard before you autologout is so modest that you won't do anything done... Better to just stay by the computer and read a novel in between clicks... turn the volume on so that you may hear when a creature dies if your training any combat skill.

    This usually works best for melee and mage because you dont generally be concerned about runes if you brought them, intend to utilize them! Range its a pain because you frequently have to buy RS gold pick up the ammo you had. You, but its potential by the time you kill the monster someone else has your ammo! Just letting you know, autoing is against the rules, I strongly discourage it. The sole"AFK" training is that I described previously, and its not even AFK. . Its more like"turn off discussion so noone can speak to you and train whilst multitasking".