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If you like hot, arrid climate, then there is Al Kharid and Pol

  • If you like hot, arrid climate, then there is Al Kharid and Pollnivneach. Brutally hot climates do not appeal to OSRS gold me personally, buy hey, whatever warps your starship:--RRB- Port Sarim is a small fishing village. Very nice if you're a"boaty" person. Taverly was a gorgeous druid village until it turned into a war zone. Not long ago, Taverly could have got my vote. Unfortunately, not any more. Too dangerous.

    Well, it's centrally located. It's in walking distance to the shopping and culture of Varrock. Port Sarim is only a couple of steps off whenever you get the travel impulse. If there's a vampire, he rarely if ever ventures beyond his haunted mansion. There is reallyn't any extreme danger (knowing that Runescape is, itself, dangerous) in the vicinity, unless you go looking for it. I vote for Draynor Village.

    Taking a look at the map, RS is huge! There is just too many little towns and villages to mention, so"sorry" when I did not mention your fav... Even some POHs rival some tiny towns in size and attributes... Open-ended question, here... What say you?

    Jagex has a brand new beta event for the mad scientist costume and it's Barrows this time. Too bad for the skillers and reduced levels because it is practically impossible for them to find the last part... But for the moderate levels it should be a piece of cake, right? It's tougher than I thought, I tried it (65 att, str, def) with just melee (didn't feel like getting runes to buy RuneScape gold get slayer dart or anything greater than melee). And completely failed at Ahrim, which should be very simple but I just could not hit the guy whatsoever (the only hits were from my deflect prayer, I think).Bear in mind that this is for BXP (but the rates below are before applying the 2.7x bxp modifier), so people can manage to perform marginally expensive or challenging training procedures. Bear in mind that people aren't perfect, so cannot achieve maximum XP rates in high-concentration, click-intensive training methods. My thoughts so far: Format is Ability - XP rate - potential training approaches | higher level xp rate - greater level training methods. 150kxp/h - Slaying with chaotics/exts/piety / beachfront dark beasts / BGS-ing decaying avatar. 100kxp/h - chinning.