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May Day Tour (May 1 to 7): Mystery Island Tours

  • This update brings four occasions that are sure to Animal Crossing Items keep things interesting for a while, although not one. Following is a rundown of what we know about each one.Nature Day (April 23 to May 4): Your island will probably have fun,"eco-friendly" Nook Miles objectives that center around planting shrubs and enjoying nature. As soon as you've completed one of them, talk to Tom Nook and he'll reward you with a DIY crafting recipe for hedges, which may can be put around your island together with the fencing tool.

    May Day Tour (May 1 to 7): Mystery Island Tours, which are randomly-generated islands it is possible to visit, will have a distinctive offering during the first week of May. During this period of time, you can acquire a May Day ticket which transports you to a never-before-seen and distinctive island. From the trailer out of Nintendo, it comprised a hedge maze and a brief hint that Rover, a personality Animal Crossing veterans will understand from previous installments, is about to make his first appearance in New Horizons.International Museum Day (May 18 to 31): After May Day Tour, players may take part in a Stamp Rally. This involves getting a stamp card which may be filled by viewing exhibits within the museum to make a reward.

    Wedding Season (June 1 to 30): Whether this is a direct response to Nintendo noticing players happen to be holding real weddings within the game, or if it's a wild coincidence, it is difficult to saybut we're excited about wedding time. Gamers visit Harvey's Island (a location that's designed specifically for in-game picture shoots) to observe Reese and Cyrus's union, two alpacas in love. Special gifts are received by players after attending.

    To kickstart Nature Day, a sloth will visit your island. His name is Leif, and he first appeared in the previous installment, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He arrives with an range of items to sell, including particular flowers (i.e. mums, lilies, cosmos) and shrubbery. The latter shouldn't be confused with hedges: the key distinction is hedges are sturdy fence constructions whereas trees have been planted exactly the same way that you would plant trees and flowers.Since the update went live, I have made a gorgeous garden atop a cliff overlooking my town. Using the greenery offerings of Leif can result in a very lively setting, but keep in mind that it takes two weeks for shrubs to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells develop into bushes.