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Imo the career narrative is about a college kid

  • I feel like if 2k was smart we would begin from NBA 2K21 Mt the bubble for franchise. If you wanted to you can swap teams outside. Then, have free agency like regular afterwards we could have fun with quite a few combinations, although since we do not know anyway what's going to occur. It would be different.

    Imo the career narrative is about a college kid who missed out on the season's end. Dunno where it goes out of there, but it makes sense as an underdog story than the last two games.They better provide us an Orlando bubble MyCareer mode where we could go fishing and golf.If that they do it'll most likely be a half ass helpless ****. But considering they have not given any information about it it's definitely possible it is not included.Is it only the angle or perform the players seem smaller in relation to the court this year?Man I expect they are so the floor will not be quite as crowded.The spacing for WNBA version is way better, since the players are smaller.

    Scaling has always been awful, and of course that the physics engine where movement is basically players gliding from 1 vacuum animation into the next.Well Madden 20 a guy face plants it is like 7 yard gain.How the **** does 2k not know how large the players should be?It doesn't. It does the opposite actually, two shitty games by two (essentially ) monopolies within their sports.I feel monopoly wise 2k should not be in exactly the same conversation as madden. Madden has made it were your not allowed to compete with them 2k has just outdone the competition to the stage were they don't see the purpose in trying.

    Or MLB the Show. Enrolling in all sports games is bunked, that is odd, as it ought to be the simplest thing in the world considering the measurements are known and constant. . I remember playing 2k15 and cheap mt nba 2k21 the gamers were huge the court is so crowded.It would be nice not getting screened by three players trying to get to LBJ.