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It caused a ton of CPU penalties for easy throw points

  • This does still happen occasionally when better players gain possession, but it is a bit less frequent than before. 1 minor gripe is that MyPlayer's grading system punishes you for breaking loose of missions even when they're blatantly not the ideal play. That requires fixing.Another hint: MyPlayer's 420 starting points need to mt for sale 2k21 go on a few defensive stats. Though everyone wants to create that superstar sharpshooter, there is something to be said for having the ability to block death lanes, intercept pass attempts and generally break up strikes too. Being an all-rounder looks important this season.

    It caused a ton of CPU penalties for easy throw points, and enabled for boosts near the basket. Basically,'Slasher' allows your MyPlayer to become a pest. All have their own pros and do not come with many disadvantages; think of them as old-school NBA Jam"He's on fire!" augments.

    Picking the right one is vital. As an example, there's next-to-no-point in making a defensive player who utilizes'Slasher'. You're gonna' want'Rim Protector' or'Spot Up Shooter' for this one so that they can defend better than many and chip in with a few 3 pointers.2K pretty much said archetypes were something of the past. Apparently, pie charts are the future.Twitter and Reddit aren't exactly pleased with this change, particularly because the charts seem to lower the number of archetypes. They're also fiddly (who actually wants to spend some time working out some charts when they are deciding what kind of player they would like to be?) . This isn't high school.

    Worse, the graphs change up the color palette on various displays for. . .some reason. This was completely unnecessary, and just adds another layer of irritation to the experience. It was perhaps a great idea in theory, but has not panned out in implementation. The older archetype lay out has been actually better.It might be that series fans don't like change and Buy NBA 2K21 Mt will gradually come around to this new method of choosing player strengths and flaws. Nonetheless, it's needlessly dull to plough through and doesn't even give a clear indication at the conclusion of what you've built.