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While some RuneScape players share stories

  • While some RuneScape players share stories about RuneScape gold their negative interactions with Venezuelans, other RuneScape players, like Pip Johnson, aren't as crucial about them. In reality, Johnson sympathises with the situation that Venezuelan RuneScape players have found themselves in, and describes his encounter with one Venezuelan RuneScape participant as"the first real experience" he's had with another RuneScape player online in over 15 decades, after he was talented things and provided guidance on the best methods to level up. "I really do think that the economy is in shambles is dreadful, and I do not blame anyone there for earning money in any manner they can, regardless of any effect it might have on RuneScape," Johnson says.

    "Any one of us would do exactly the same." There's an influx of memes on websites like Reddit parodying the situation which RuneScape players have found themselves. Johnson believes that they've become an easy target in the RuneScape community for people looking to make jokes at somebody else's expense. "Anonymity brings out the worst in people," Johnson writes. "Many RuneScape players think RuneScape players are taking advantage of RuneScape for individual profit and [that] they should not be," he continues. "There is also a great deal of racism in the internet gambling community. Since they are so prevalent, venezuelans are an easy target. Their population in RuneScape is now somewhat of a meme in the community and this draws even more focus on them especially."

    The creator of the controversial Reddit article detailing how to kill Venezuelan RuneScape players at RuneScape, who wishes to be understood only as Sam, tells Polygon that his article was misinterpreted by viewers, and was just meant to be a"dark joke" comparing Venezuelan RuneScape players to bots. He says he was surprised by how quickly the thread escalated to remarks. Asked if he felt guilty regarding the responses to the thread, along with the impact which encouraging RuneScape players to aim RuneScape players from Venezuela could have on that group, he says:"I mean, if there was a circumstance where someone lost four hours of farming, I would absolutely feel guilty. Allow me to be clear: I really do believe [this ] if me or anyone was actually having an effect on peoples' lives doing this, we'd feel guilty. I think what disturbs people is the potential of this impacting people, though that's unrealistic."

    Sam notes that many Venezuelans play enjoyment rather than gold -- and a lot of the RuneScape players we've spoken to say exactly the same, they perform for enjoyment or profit from RuneScape by enjoying with it legitimately instead of by adhering to intensive gold farming methods. However, those RuneScape players are eager to OSRS Gold For Sale voice their worries they face, and state that while they're mindful gold farming is against RuneScape's terms and conditions, they are only playing this way only because they have no other option. "a lot of people don't understand why we farm gold in RuneScape; they think we do it as a hobby and do not envision the real reason for why we do it."