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Diablo is one franchise that Blizzard has not been willing

  • Diablo is one franchise that Blizzard has not been willing to Diablo IV Gold let go, and Diablo 4 still appears years away, and I would be astounded if we watched an early 2022 launch date, given where we seem to be now. What was revealed in BlizzCon very much felt like something that has been designed...to be revealed in BlizzCon, and what the last product looks like is anyone's guess, and everyone is hoping we don't have a Watch Dogs or Anthem position on our hands, as what was conducive appeared to impress many.

    I don't quite understand the Fergusson pick at first glance, provided that his past experience between Gears and BioShock really doesn't have much to do with ARPGs, looters or matches at the medieval fantasy genre. But I guess he's being brought in for the actual task of finding the game shipped rather than designing the nitty gritty of loot systems or something like that, something he appears to be quite good at, hence his constant recruiting.

    It is simply too hard to know what to make of Diablo 4 now given how little we've seen and how not far along development it appears to be. And now of course that raises further questions about the near future of Gears without his leadership over at Microsoft, particularly after the much acclaimed preceding setup he oversaw. It's hard to comprehend how badly Blizzard requires Diablo 4 to be helpful, and so it is likely to be all hands on deck for the foreseeable future. And somehow, that includes Rod Fergusson. What a wild sector.

    Blizzard's past six months have shown a company that was changing

    One of the top game business things this week was that https://www.voidk.com/ Gears of War **** Rod Fergusson will probably be making the leap to Blizzard Entertainment next month, where the development veteran will oversee the Diablo franchise. Shifts like these aren't of note to the video game player -- people change jobs all the time, after all. But Fergusson's studio swap is curious when we think about the broader shifts occurring at Blizzard recently.