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Madden 20 Golden Ticket players have officially arrived

  • Three more Madden 20 Golden Ticket players have officially arrived in the popular football game. As of May 14, halfback Adrian Peterson, defensive end Brian Burns, and wide receiver Mohammed Sanu Sr. However, just one of those players is at his normal position, thanks to the new custom items. Here’s all the latest information about Peterson, Burns, and Sanu’s cards.

    Veteran halfback Adrian Peterson gets a new 99 overall item in Ultimate Team thanks to Madden 20 Golden Ticket program. For the new card, AP is a member of the Washington Redskins. The veteran HB has attribute ratings such as 99 Trucking, 99 Break Tackle, 99 Carrying, 97 Speed, 97 Acceleration, 96 Agility, and 94 Elusiveness.

    While Peterson is at his normal position, Mohammed Sanu is not. The gamer who requested him as part of the Madden 20 Golden Ticket upgraded his Out of Position card where Sanu is at QB. With his 99 OVR item, Sanu brings 99 Throw Accuracy Short, 98 Throw on the Run, 97 Throw Accuracy Deep, 96 Throw Power, 95 Throw Under Pressure, and 93 Speed. Not pictured on his card is 99 Carrying. If you want to Buy MUT 20 Coins, we z2u.com can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

    The Madden 20 Golden Ticket program was a special event where gamers could play in limited-time challenges for a chance at Golden Tickets. The ticket winners were able to send their custom players to the EA Madden crew to design upgraded player cards.

    They become available randomly in packs as of today, Thursday, May 14. In addition, these player items are selling on the Auction House. Based on MUTHEAD’s data, Burns is selling for 2.1M Coins on the Xbox One and 2.9M on the PS4. Sanu Sr. is going for 3.2 million Madden Coins on both consoles, while Peterson is getting 2.3 million on Xbox One and 2.7 million on PS4.