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2021 The Application of Blockchain Technology Will Enter a New

  • "Big Explosion of Industrial Blockchain" Industrial Blockchain 2.0 = Industry Uplink + Asset Uplink + Data Uplink + Technology Integration + CBDC

    At present, the new generation of technological revolution and industrial transformation represented by the blockchain is reconstructing the global innovation landscape and reshaping the world economic structure. The development of blockchain has entered a new stage of deep integration with the industry, and the industrial blockchain will be the biggest landing direction of blockchain in the future.

    With the significant acceleration of the application of blockchain technology, the value of industrial blockchain empowering all walks of life is rapidly emerging. In 2021, the application of blockchain technology will enter a new stage of the "Big Explosion of Industrial Blockchain". Industrial Blockchain 2.0 = Industry Uplink + Asset Uplink + Data Uplink + Technology Integration + CBDC. In 2021, five major trends will emerge in the blockchain industry. The first trend is that "blockchain+" will become the main battlefield for innovation and entrepreneurship; the second trend is that digital international currency will become the key driving force for the digital transformation of the industry; the third trend is blockchain, 5G, artificial intelligence, and big data will change the shape of society. Trend four is that "asset chain" has become the general trend, and trend five is the emergence of opportunities for data elements.


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