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Conversations with Philatelists Wins Philatelic Traders


    The Philatelic Traders’ Society held their first annual philatelic awards this year. These awards mark a pivotal point in the hobby, which has seen a booming increase in engagement this year, and sets apart those that have truly pioneered this new golden age of philately that is currently emerging. The new awards fill a previously empty niche in the hobby, as there are no other prizes in the philatelic world that recognize select individuals, projects, or organizations for excellence in promotion of the industry, including technological innovation. 


    The four award categories included a prize for Creative Concept of the Year, Ambassador of the Year, Legacy Champion of the Year, and PTS Contributor of the Year. The awards were judged by Scott English, President of The American Philatelic Society (APS), and Chris King, Former President of The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL).


    The Philatelic Traders’ Society (PTS) awarded Conversations with Philatelists Creative Concept of the Year for 2020 in an awards ceremony held on December 16th, 2020. The award “celebrates the best innovations in philately – for the trade and the hobby.”


    Conversations with Philatelists is a weekly video podcast created and hosted by Michael Cortese of NobleSpirit, and Charles Epting of HR Harmer. Each week, Michael and Charles interview a different guest within the field of philately, including collectors, dealers, auction house executives, historians, curators, authors, professors, and more. The podcast, which is sponsored by the American Philatelic Society, focuses on sharing stories within the philatelic community, and has featured guests such as Gordon Eubanks, Cheryl Ganz, Scott English, Sebastien Delcampe, and Gary Lowe.


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