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There are so many crushing equipment, how to choose better?

  • The type selection and specification determination of crushing equipment are mainly related to the physical properties, processing capacity, particle size of crushing products, equipment configuration and other factors of the processed ore. Choosing the right stone crusher must meet the requirements of crushing product particle size, design processing capacity and maximum particle size in ore feeding.

    Before selecting the crusher in the design, it is generally necessary to make technical and economic comparison and select the best from the aspects of equipment installation power, equipment weight, capital construction investment, production and operation management fee, equipment configuration, advantages and disadvantages of process operation, etc.

    1. Selection of coarse crushing equipment

    The maximum particle size in the feeding of the coarse crusher is generally not greater than 0.8-0.85 times the width of the ore feeding mouth of the crusher.

    When the amount of raw ore processed on that day is not particularly large, jaw crusher is generally selected for coarse crushing; In some non-metallic and cement industries, impact crushers are also used for coarse crushing to deal with medium hardness or softer ores. Roller crusher can also be used for hard ore with small raw ore particle size.

    2. Selection of medium and fine crushing equipment

    The maximum particle size in the ore feeding of medium and fine crushers is generally not greater than 0.85-0.9 times the width of the ore feeding mouth of the crusher.

    Cone crusher and roller crusher are generally selected as medium and fine crushing equipment for crushing hard ore and medium hard ore or materials. Standard cone crusher is selected for medium crushing; Short **** cone crusher is selected for fine crushing. When crushing fragile materials, impact crusher and hammer crusher can be selected.

    Roller crusher is suitable for crushing brittle materials and materials to avoid over crushing. Its structure is simple and easy to manufacture, but the drum is easy to wear and the processing capacity is not as large as that of cone crusher.

    Impact crusher and hammer crusher are suitable for crushing medium hard materials, especially fragile materials, such as limestone, calcite, talc, kaolinite, pyrite and asbestos. They have the characteristics of small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large processing capacity, uniform product particle size and strong selective crushing effect, but the equipment is easy to wear and have high noise.

    How to Choose Stone Crusher: https://www.sbmchina.com/application/105.html